Unlike the American-style sweet liqueurs New Zealanders often associate with the word ‘Schnaps’, ZUMWOHL is a German-style Schnaps. A crystal clear, colourless spirit with a consistency similar to Vodka or Italian Grappa.

An image showing a bottle of each flavor of Zumwohl
  • Natural

    ZUMWOHL Natural is based on traditional German corn Schnaps. This truly New Zealand spirit has a full rich aroma that betrays little of its 37.2% alcohol content. From the first sip, ZUMWOHL’s clean flavour will intrigue you, as it’s unlike any other. ZUMWOHL Natural has a very neutral taste with a smoothness that has an almost creamy effect as it passes over the palate.

  • Plum

    ZUMWOHL Plum is a traditional flavour for German-style Schnaps. It has a fresh bouquet that engulfs the senses and a taste that will bring a smile to your face. An elegant spirit, ZUMWOHL Plum is truly unique. Drink it neat as a shot, or as a sipper in a large brandy balloon. The versatile depth of fruit flavour in ZUMWOHL Plum, also works exceptionally well in chocolate liqueur-based cocktails.

  • Feijoa

    ZUMWOHL Feijoa has taken everything that’s great about New Zealand feijoas and distilled it into a delicate and fragrant feijoa spirit. Subtlety is the secret to ZUMWOHL Feijoa’s crisp, fresh taste. Perfect served ice-cold as a shot, ZUMWOHL Feijoa also makes a refreshing long summer drink served over ice with a dash of dry lemonade.