In 2008, German-born New Zealander, Ulf Führer, wanted a proper drink of Schnaps, his only alternative was to import it or make his own. So in 2009, Ulf set about creating the first New Zealand made German-style Schnaps.

He called it ZUMWOHL, meaning ‘a toast to good health and wealth’. Crafted in the tradition of premium German Schnaps, ZUMWOHL has been meticulously created from high quality, 100% New Zealand ingredients.

Distilled, bottled and perfected in Wellington, ZUMWOHL is the only New Zealand-made Schnaps in the world. With a 37.2% alcohol content, ZUMWOHL may be smooth, clean and easy on the palate, but it packs quite a punch.

In a market dominated by vodka and quick shot liqueurs, ZUMWOHL brings with it a whole new approach to drinking, following the tradition of European Schnaps houses and alpine culture.

Though it’s new to the market, the unique New Zealand Schnaps hasn’t gone unnoticed. ZUMWOHL has already achieved international acclaim at two of the worlds most prestigious spirits competitions San Francisco and London. It has won medals for all its three flavours.

Available in three original flavours, ZUMWOHL can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or as the base ingredient for a superb cocktail.